Hide & sleek…

I’m sure by now, if you read my blog, you’ll know I have a penchant for leather goods, especially wallets, pouches and bags.

Being one of my many expensive vices, I decided to research into making my own small leather goods. thanks to a few great websites and the wealth of good available on Ebay I have put together and made a few wallets of my own. Yes, all and made and sewn by my very own hand.

Hopefully if I get enough interest I’ll start producing some limited numbers of each design and sell them online soon.

Have a look for yourself and drop me al one if anything grabs you eye… or if you want me to have a stab at a bespoke item for you.

Oh, I’m also playing with the name Hide & sleek. (See planned website design below)

Playing around with a pencil case prototype. Not quite there yet, it will be much better in lambs leather (Which I’ve just bought – in tan and deep red tan – VERY NICE!!)

PRICE LIST AND ORDER INFO: Until my website is up and live please contact me directly either by email or through Facebook or my blog.
Click the link here for a price list PDF
Click here for order information PDF

Finished tri-fold wallets in tan and dark brown leather. (No more dark brown leather I’m afraid)

Two new items, a try-fold wallet with plaited lanyard. Both will be available to buy/order.

Tote bag finally finished ( minus extra rivets on the straps) Very pleased!!

Here’s the tote bag in mid production. Coming along nicely… slowly but surely!

Just added the final touches to the pencil case design, a hood over the end of the zip. (Note: the two smaller pencil case images were taken before the hood was added)

New finished camera strap with wool felt padding.


New ‘Wad’ wallet – folding multi card holder


Tan and dark brown leather wallet collections – ‘Fold’‘Roll’ and ‘Pocket’ wallet designs for cards, cash and coins.


New leather and felt iPad cover – for the new iPad.



3 thoughts on “Hide & sleek…

    • Ricky,

      please let everyone know…. the sooner I can start selling items them more I can produce. Working on a tote bag, pencil case and playing with writ bands and watch straps.

      I’m putting a price list together as well.

      All good fun.

      Cheers, Jimmy B

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